Cash Back Real Estate 

Are you think about entering into the Real Estate Market?  Are you planning on buying a house, condo (apartment), or property?  If this is the case you want a high value from your real estate transaction.

Zane Patni is a REALTOR® provides a unique cash back real estate purchase.   Zane will put back 50% cash back from the commission, for example on a one million dollar real estate transaction as one of Zane clients you would receive $7,500.00 cash back! 

The Strategy

The Strategy behind the cash back program offer by Zane is provided alongside with our For Sale By Owner Clients.  Zane’s cash back buying service is straight-forward and simple, giving home buyers cash back when they use our model to their next home or property.  We put money back in your pocket – and YES you can buy a home and make money.



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Cash Back Commision Real Estate Questions? 

Cash Back is this a real thing?

Yes, it is!!  When you are purchasing a home it is a team effort both the buyer and his agent work closely together similar to a partnership.  This is why Zane shares the commissions with his clients.

Why hire Zane has your Real Estate Agent?

As a buying agent, Zane believes it is a privilege to be chosen as the buying agent.  As an experienced buying agent, Zane offers a cash back rewards program that utilizes his services.  If you are planning to sell your home before purchasing you’re going to impressed with our other services. 

Cash Back Agent: How Buyer Agents are Compensated?

Homes purchased on the MLS® System the Sellers are contracted to pay a commission to the Buying Agent.   In fact, the Seller is contractually responsible to pay the Buying and Selling Agents.  As a Buyer, you are not responsible to pay any portion of the commission. 

Cash Back Real Estate for Buyers, How Does the Incentive Work?

There have been recent changes to the Real Estate Act allowing licensed REALTOR®  to pay Buyers an incentive to increase business.  Here is the great news this expense to the REALTOR®, and the rebate is tax-free to the home buyer !! 

How Quickly will you receive the cash back commission? 

When you purchase a home with Zane Patni, you will receive a 25% or 50% of the agent’s commision earned upon closing.  As a home buyer if the property you purchased for $650,000.00 the agent would typically be paid $9,545.00, entitling the buyer to either $4,772.50 (50%) or $2,386.25 (25%) depending on how you found your home.  You will receive a cheque 10days after your closing. 

Cash Back for Home Buyers:  Are there any strings Attached?

Zane will not ask his clients to sign a buyer’s brokerage contract or be committed to a purchase.  There is no conditions or fine print.  Home buyers are not restricted or penalized with time limits or the number of home tours.  


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